About mimiwa

Mimiwa is a range of art piece of jewelry
inspired by the work of Japanese calligrapher and craftman.

Size: apro. w30×L30×T1 (mm)
Material: brass, 10k gold earrings

Japanese calligraphy or 書道 (shodou) is the simple and beautiful art of Japanese writing.Modern Japanese is comprised of Kana as well as over 50000 Kanji characters.Each beautiful Kanji character has its own meaning and the combination of certain characters can produce a new term. As a Japanese native living abroad,people would comment on the Kanji absently written on my notebook ; remarking on the shape, inquiring as to the meaning or requesting that their own names be written in Kanji. In this way, the Kanji generated conversations that allowed me to share my language and culture. That was the birth of Mimiwa. The objective of Mimiwa is to encourage the viewer to reconsider art forms that can be seen everywhere in our daily lives.

It prompts the question

: What is the Japanese aesthetic?

Lacquer: “Japan” by another name

The artisans distilling the allure

Functionality x Beauty

“Tsugaru no Baka-nuri”- a traditional technique

Unique, organic patterns

Every object is carved with care

The beauty of “Japan”