Q: can i buy crafti products in a shop or in online stores?
A: currently, only our onlineshop is available to purchase crafti products.

Q: i’d like to work with crafti! Who should I contact?
A: if you would like to support or to collaborate with crafti, please send us a message below. retailers should follow the same process as above. Contact us. Thank you very much for your interest in our products.

Q: should I have any concerns regarding data protection, privacy and gdpr?
A: we are committed to protecting your privacy. please check our privacy policy here and see how we manage your data.

Q: how can i unsubscribe from the newsletter?
A: click onto the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the footer.(フッターにリンク準備 これは標準装備ではないので、問い合わせフォームから消してもらうしかない。通常はMailChimpを使っているみたいです。MailChimpの用意されているフォームをつかってる。)

Q: are crafti products unisex?
A: yes! all crafti products are for both, men and women!

Q: where are crafti products made?
A: crafti products are made 100% in Japan.


Q: i have a discount code, how can i use it?
A: please enter your code on the first page of the checkout section. it is one discount code for one shopping.

Q: can I track the delivery progress?

A: click here and enter your tracking number to check your order status.

Q: what should i do if i haven't got a confirmation email once I  purchased an item?
A: check your spam folder. If you cannot find the e-mail, send us a message here and we’ll re-send the message back to you shortly.

Q: can i cancel my order?
A: if your order hasn’t been processed for dispatch, we’ll try to cancel it. send us a message, including the cancellation reason and your order number, here.

Q: i want to purchase crafti as a present. can I buy a gift voucher?
A: how cool you are! we are offering crafti gift cards here. it will be delivered via email.

Q: what currency do you accept?
A: gbp, usd, euro or jpn are available. change the flag you want in the top right corner and you will see the price with the currency you changed.

Q: what payment methods do you accept?
A: we accept paypal, or visa.

Q: payment isn't working for me! what can i do?
A: make sure that your shipping and billing details are correct, and try to use a different web browser. if you still encounter an issue with the payment process, let us know. we are sorry for your inconvenience.

Q: Is payment and shopping on your site safe and secure?
A: our checkout page uses ssl, and you can pay via card or paypal. we will not ask for your credit card number via email or call.