Terms of service

Chapter 1 General rules

Article 1 Definition

Article 2 Consent to these Terms

Article 3 Acceptance of Privacy Policy

Article 4 Change or addition of the contract

Article 5 Provision and change of necessary items

Article 6 Termination and change of service etc.

Article 7 Resolution of disputes · Compensation to our company

Article 8 Notification method

Chapter 2 User qualification

Article 9 User registration

Article 10 User qualification

Article 11 Management of user ID and password

Article 12 Cancellation of User Qualification

Article 13 Withdrawal of Users

Chapter 3 Our Role割

Article 14 Services to Offer

Article 15 Responsibility for Content

Article 16 Delete contents

Article 17 Non-guarantee concerning system etc.

Article 18 Damage on Public Notice · Link Destination

Article 19 Inquiries to our company

Chapter 4 User Responsibilities

Article 20 Internet connection environment

Article 21 User Code of Conduct

Article 22 Prohibited act

Article 23 Prohibition of use for commercial purposes outside service

Article 24 Our intellectual property rights

Article 25 Respect for intellectual property rights of third parties

Chapter 5 Conditions of Product Sales

Article 26 Order

Article 27 Price

Article 28 Shipping fee

Article 29 Delivery

Article 30 Cancellation

Article 31 Returns and Exchange