privacy policy

Fabii (hereinafter referred to as "our company") manages crafti's mail order site in accordance with the following privacy policy, we manage with great care in the protection of your personal information.

1. About personal information

"Personal information" means a person who can identify a specific individual based on the customer's name, date of birth and other descriptions.

2. Collection of personal information

We may collect your personal information when you purchase items, register for members, or make inquiries.
Personal information collected by us will include the following.

1. Name
2. mail address
3. password
4. phone number
5. Shipping address information
6. Transaction history and its contents
7. IP address information
8. Information that can identify a specific individual by combining the above

3. Purpose of using personal information

We will use personal information you registered for the following purposes only.

1. For sending out products, inquiries, payment settlement
2. For notice of information on new products / services to customers who obtained permission
3. To prepare statistical data for marketing and promotion, product planning, service improvement
4. For identity verification at the time of change, addition, deletion of registered contents
5. To reply to inquiries, or to contact our customers from us

However, only in the following cases, we may disclose personal information to third parties without notice and provide personal information.

1. When asked for formal inquiries from court or public agencies such as police, etc. in accordance with laws and ordinances
2. When there is an urgent necessity for protection of human life, body or property
3. In the case that the customer violates laws and regulations and terms of use and is deemed necessary for protecting our rights, property and services

4. Correction and deletion of personal information

Please inform us of the correction / deletion of personal information deposited from the customer from the following inquiries.
Also, if you register as a user, you can correct personal information from "My Menu" on this site.

5. About the use of cookie

Cookies (cookies) may be used on our site to provide better service to our customers. Cookies are sent from the provider of the web site to the customer's browser and temporarily store information about customers on the hard disk.

By using cookies you can not gather your information, we will not infringe your privacy. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can change them with browser settings.

6. About using SSL

When entering personal information, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to prevent this information from being intercepted, disturbed or altered to ensure security.
* SSL is a function to prevent eavesdropping and to prevent tampering by sending and receiving data by encrypting information. By using SSL, it becomes possible to send information more safely.

In our site, we use encrypted communication by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology when it is necessary to send and receive information corresponding to personal information in order to secure security. By SSL technology, we will prevent eavesdropping by third parties and tampering with data of your personal information.

7. Change of privacy policy

When we change the privacy policy, it will be announced with change of this page and it will be applied from the time it is displayed on this page.

8. Inquiries regarding privacy policy